While academic excellence is incredibly important, we believe a complete education includes developing strong values and upstanding character. The entire campus community works together to foster compassion and confidence in each of our students. We focus on spirituality in and out of the Chapel, encouraging our students to examine and grow in their own beliefs as well as learn from their classmates. Whether in religion class or listening to friends describe a holiday they celebrate, all students are introduced to a wide variety of faith traditions, helping them to approach different beliefs with an open mind.

Through our many community projects and buddy reading program, students build cross-grade friendships, develop leadership skills, and understand the value of service learning. By collecting donations for animal welfare organizations or nonperishable items for local food banks, our students come to understand the value of serving those in need and the deep satisfaction that comes from helping others.


Our Service Learning Program supports the mission of St. Columba School by empowering students to serve their world with courage, graciousness, and compassion. Throughout the year, students participate in the preparation, implementation, and reflection on a variety of service opportunities, helping them become aware of those in need and to serve with a helping hand. 
St. Columba School has a long tradition of engaging its students in learning about and action on behalf of individuals in need. 

The Service Learning Program at St. Columba parish has a focused obligation to provide and pray for children in need, secondarily, to be of service to and in relationship with the elderly in the Durango community. Recognizing charity as vital to social justice work, regardless of grade level, and building upon the seven principles of Catholic social justice teaching, the program goal is to guide each student as they mature from charity to justice thinking, to groom students to be advocates for social change.

The Service Learning Program provides age appropriate education about specific social justice needs and priority organizations successfully addressing the needs, to include opportunities for financial or in-kind support, and direct service opportunities.

St. Columba Students learn about and share with the following international, regional and local organizations:

Friends of San Lucas
Hope for a Village Child
Foundation for Children in Need

Centro De Los Pobres, Avondale, Colorado

Volunteers of America
Manna Soup Kitchen
Four Corners Nursing Home

To learn more about the St. Columba Service Learning Program, or to join our students by sharing a contribution in support of one of the above organizations, please contact the school.


St. Columba welcomes students of all backgrounds and faiths. The School’s Catholic traditions invite honest introspection and compassionate giving. Ethical decision-making and a strong sense of social justice drive St. Columba's commitment to serving the community and to fostering individual integrity and reflection. 

Rooted in the Catholic tradition, St. Columba encourages each student to develop and nurture their own spiritual identity while respecting those of others. The religious studies curriculum awakens students to the call for social justice and engages them in dialogue about various religious traditions, scripture, and moral/ethical questions. Students of all ages pause for reflection at weekly chapel services as well as at regular Masses, class retreats, and service programs. 

In fact, not all families and students at St. Columba are Catholic. Over 40% of our families worship at other faith communities in Durango. We welcome all people to join us at St. Columba School in sharing the Word and doing our very best to live Christ-like lives in love, service, compassion, and forgiveness.



"We like school at St. Columba because we have so many friends, older and younger. With our buddy system we all take good care of each other and we really feel like we are one big Family. 

We love when we walk down the halls at school and the kids in the other grades walk up to us and say good morning and give us big hugs.


My family has been a part of the parish and the school through the bell choir, and since my eldest brother, Nicholaus, started school there in 1987. Not to mention my aunts who taught there in the mid 70s, and the numerous family members who were married in the church. St. Columba has been a foundation for superior education and faith formation for both myself and my family through it's wonderful and devoted staff, and the dedication to produce high achieving students, both academically and morally, as well as firmly grounding its students in their faith. During my time at St. Columba, some of my biggest influences in building my character and guiding my faith were Sr. Edith and Sr. Kevin, Fr. Jim Koenigsfeld, (Ms.) Dianna and (Mrs.) Lynn May. Their guidance and influence, as well as St Columba's mission, has helped me to achieve great things in high school, such as becoming Drum Major of the band, being a member of the DHS Aerospace Design Team who won 2nd place in the world at internationals, as well as continuing to pursue my faith formation. St. Columba still stands for excellence and will continue to do so for years to come.  


Laura and Lewis, both graduates of St. Columba Class of 2016,  would like to thank Mrs. May-O and St. Columba for the opportunity to pursue their theatrical dreams during their time at St C! Both are now freshman at Durango High School, and made their debut in the production of Beauty and the Beast with the very highly regarded Troupe 1096. 

"My experience at St. Columba definitely helped me find my acting mojo." said Patton, who especially loved his roles as Ebenezer Scrooge and the Insane Man in Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart, which he and Clark adapted for stage and Clark directed.

 "We got to do it all, and it really prepared me for the next step."


“My love of science started at St. Columba School, from outdoor, hands-on labs to competing at Colorado State Science Fair.” Megan is now studying genetics at top-rated Texas A&M University.
Meghan Pope

"I enjoyed St. Columba because the small-school environment helped me to learn how to interact with people on a very personal level, which helped me to transition to DHS easily." Joe Pope

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