St. Columba Family Service Hours

A thriving school community requires a meaningful commitment on the part of every family. For the past few years, St. Columba School has defined that commitment as at least 20 hours of service by each family. The finance council has linked a $250 charge to service hours this year that will be added to your monthly bill in increments and credited with completion of your 20 hours. This is something that each family has agreed to during the student registration process. We are grateful that many of our families give of their time in a very generous way to enhance our school community. We could not function smoothly without support of our school families! 

In order to make the service hour commitment more tangible and to improve our planning for events and activities, we will be tracking the service commitments of each family. Attached is a list of some of the service opportunities we have defined. This list encompasses more than 2,500 hours of service opportunities. While it is not exhaustive, we hope that this will be a starting place for you to determine where you would like to be involved.

In an effort to organize your service hours, we have a feature in My Student’s Progress (MSP) that allows for both planning and tracking. Please log in to and go to the “Volunteer Hours” module (found in the upper left hand corner, under Communications). Please outline your service hour commitments for the school year early in the school year so that we can effectively plan for our classroom and community events. Throughout the year as you fulfill your service hour commitments, we will approve the hours in MSP and there is no further requirement on your part. If your plans change in the months ahead, you may go in at any time and adjust your service hour commitments. 

We know several of our families have fulfilled their 20-hour commitment already with Auction & Gala preparations or beginning of the year school maintenance, etc. Our community is especially blessed for your efforts! We ask each family to track at least 20 hours, and we know many of our families give much more time than that. While we would be thrilled if families would track all their hours, beyond 20, so that we would have a clear understanding of the magnitude of shared time. We recognize that tracking everything you do might become a burden. So please feel free to log hours beyond 20 at your own discretion. 

Thank you for taking the time to log your family’s service commitments for this school year. Serving one another and for our community is a foundational tenet of our Christian beliefs. Through your gift of time, you are helping us to cultivate an environment of service at St. Columba, as we live out our faith as a community of God. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call the school office (970)247-5527.

MSP Service Hours Instructions

How to log hours in MSP:

Under the Volunteer Hours module, choose your event/category from the pull-down menu. 
You are required to select a date, but if the service is on-going, or the date is unknown, just click on any date.
In the description box, you can give specifics of your planned and/or completed service. Please use the attached sheet as a guideline for opportunities and time commitments
Enter a separate entry for each “activity” up to at least 20 hours per family. 

Here is an example of what your entries might look like:

Kitchen Service -- 10 hours – John will work five 2-hours shifts, the first Friday of Oct., Nov., Dec., Jan. and Feb. 
Gala -- 5 hours -- Jane will help on set-up day, Oct. 21 from 9am – 2pm
Classroom Service -- 2 hours – Jane will coordinate the Halloween party in Little Jane’s classroom
Catholic Schools Week Carnival – 2 hours – John will work shift on January 25 
Book Fair – 1 hour – Jane will work shift before school the week of Nov. 14
Please mark your preferences clearly in the description box. However, some opportunities have limitations. Obviously not everyone will be able to sign up for helping in the kitchen on the same day. Once you’ve indicated your service hour preferences, organizers for those activities will contact you to confirm and approve your scheduled commitment, so that both you and the school can plan accordingly.

Service Opportunities & Approximate Service Hours

A printable version of this list can be down-loaded at the button at the top of this page.

Classroom Service

Room Parents (10+ hours) 
Each grade will have a parent representative, who helps oversee auction basket coordination, classroom parties and other classroom needs
Classroom Activity Assistant (1 hour per activity)   Helping with a class party or activity
Auction Basket Coordinator (5+ hours)  Develop, organize and create a classroom donation of a themed basket for the Auction & Gala
Field Trip Chaperones (varies per trip)  Chaperone classroom field trips as requested by teachers
Spring Plant Sale (6+ hours)Help students plant seeds in April/May, water seedlings for about 4 weeks, and sell plants in May  
Science Fair – Elementary classroom projects (6+ hours) Help in classrooms at various times during the school day during the month of January

Kitchen Service

Daily Kitchen Help (2 hours per shift)  Assist Chef Gina with lunch prep, service, and clean-up (Shifts available 10:30am – 12:30pm everyday)  
Thanksgiving Dinner Preparations (2 hours per shift)  Assist Chef Gina with turkey dinner prep, Nov. 13-16, 2-hr shifts, times will vary
Thanksgiving Dinner Service (2 hours) Serve our community dinner Nov. 16, 10:30am – 12:30pm 

Administrative Service

Book Fair (1 hour per shift) Set up Nov. 10 and/or clean-up Nov. 17. Work shifts before and after school the week of Nov. 13-17 
Lost & Found Coordinators (approx. 10 hours) Organize lost and found items monthly, helping return items to owners. Twice a year take unclaimed items to the thrift store.
Box Tops Submission (approx. 10 hours) Prepare ‘Box Tops’ 2-3 times during the school year for submission to the national fundraiser. 
Office Coverage during Children’s Mass (hours vary) Cover the office on certain Thursday mornings so Ms. Heidi can attend the school Mass. Other times as needed.
Maintenance Help (hours vary per job) Assist Dan MacVeigh in caring for our school campus. Varied seasonal work with flexible scheduling includes mowing, leaf raking, touch-up painting, snow removal, safety inspections, etc.
Uniforms (5+ hours) Organize uniform swap in the summer.

Catholic Schools Week Celebration

Carnival Games (2 hours) Jan. 27, 6 – 8pm, run various carnival games 
Carnival Food & Bar Service (2 hours) Assist with food prep prior to event and/or set-up, serve and clean-up kitchen & bar Jan. 27, 6 – 8pm

Science Fair/History Day Judging
Review, interview and judge Middle School projects, ranking awards on a date TBD in Feb. (8 – 11am) (3 hours) 

Family Fun Run
Help with the organization of this fun event, or volunteer the day of. (Hours vary) 

Auction & Gala
Some spots have already been filled for this year’s Gala on October 21, but much more help is still needed!
Contact Elesha Kinn, our Auction & Gala Coordinator, to learn more. (

Silent Auction Donation Solicitors (10 hours +/- depending on number of calls) Assist silent auction coordinator with calling on 10 or more businesses and collect items for our silent auction (Aug. – Oct.)  
Live Auction Team Leader – Assist in procuring Live Auction donations (20+ hours)
Decorations Helpers (5+ hours) Attend a work day, or work from home on décor items for the event
Bid Sheet Coordinator – create and organize approx. 200 bid sheets (20+ hours)
Thank You Note Coordinator – Write and send approx. 200 thank you notes for items donated (10+ hours)
Auction Booklet & Advertising Sales (20+ hours) Sell advertising for the event booklet 
Service Coordinator Helpers - Help out the Service Coordinator with selection of food – dinner/appetizers, music, beverages, bar items, party rental equipment (chairs, flatware, plates, etc) (20+ hours)   
After Party Helpers (10+ hours) Assist with selection of food, beverage, music, decorations, and set-up for the after party
Art Project Helpers - Assist with classroom art projects, based on expertise (hours vary, depending on project)
Set-up Evening – Thursday, Oct. 19, 3 – 9pm, help execute the heavy and/or big Auction set-up (up to 6 hours) 
Set-up Day – all hands on deck! Friday, Oct. 20, help set-up the Auction & Gala (all day, as much time as you have available) Set-up includes decorations, tables, silent auction items & live auction items  
Set-up Day Childcare Supervision (4 hours per shift) Friday, Oct. 20, supervise middle school students who watch children while set-up occurs Two shifts: 8am –12pm and 12pm – 4pm
Clean-up – What goes up, must come down! Assist with clean-up of the entire school including Parish Center from the after party. Sunday, Oct. 22, 11am – 3pm (4 hours)

Miscellaneous Service
This list of service opportunities is not exhaustive. Be creative!       
If you have another way of serving our school community, please talk to Mr. Chick or Ms. Heidi!

*Service opportunities with substantial contact with children require a background check and completion of
Shield the Vulnerable, an online child safety training program required by our Diocese 
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