We know how blessed we are to call Durango home. We are surrounded by scenic and dynamic terrain in literally every direction. From high alpine to high desert, our back yard is a wonderland of opportunity, both educational and recreational. We are but a stone's throw from the banks of the Animas River and a quick hike away from the peace and beauty of the mountains.

Whenever possible, we embrace experiential learning in the ultimate classroom, the wild. In most of our science classes we integrate curriculums from our local Division of Parks and Wildlife, from the biology of our Colorado River watershed to the study of forrest ecology and the effects of climate on fire and wildlife. See the 'Education' page for more details.  From preschool through 8th grade, we know that the closer we are to nature, the closer we are to God. 

We also love to take it to the next level with our now legendary overnight trips to Chaco Canyon in sixth grade and The Great Sand Dunes in 8th grade.

Chaco Canyon 2016

"It's Official! St. Columba is the best school in the world!" -Happy Parent
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